Our Products

All our products can be customized based on the customer specifications.

Online Vote Count

online-vote-logoOur Online Vote Count System is a centralized, web-based application that allows organizations to tally, track and transmit real time voting results from designated voting centers.

It allows votes counted to be sent either through the use of mobile phones, scanned or manually keyed on a computer or laptop. Subsequently the data keyed into the system will go into an online database for analysis and verification.

Value of the software application will be appreciated more in city councils, countries, school boards or university unions’ elections. Depending on the clients preference the system can be deployed as either an internal intranet application or internet application.


Grademine-logoGrademine empowers schools and parents to communicate more effectively and ensuring that all students receive a rich and demanding curriculum with appropriate assistance and support.

It’s an online platform that allows educators to record and store performance report cards together with various appropriate graphs with alerts being shared among tutors, parents and the institution via email or short text messaging service.

This in turn creates a closer integration of tutor student engaging environment, individually-focused attention that also eases on man hours spent in compiling of report cards and transcripts.

Parent and students accessibility to the system inevitably leads to reduction in printing costs and administrative overheads. Real time data and optional cloud based hosting means one won’t need to maintain a server farm to run a state-of-the-art school management system.

One View 360°

one-view-logoThe solution is built and designed to center on an individual customer, rather than a transaction, making it easier for financial institution personnel to view and analyze entire profiles of their retail and commercial clients by individuals, product or account.

The 360º will definitely assist any organization out there create a competitive advantage with customer experience. It was also designed to significantly lessen the tedious manual efforts required in retrieving client details from other existing software applications or the core operating software.

Project Management Information System

project-logoThe system supports tender tracking, project definition including estimates, reviews and technical specifications. In addition, it has a human resource aspect with risk management and quality assurance together with document control.